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I work in conservation, play saxophone (along with some other instruments) and produce a podcast.

There are links here to documentaries, original self-produced music albums, music videos, and podcast...an array of projects I have worked and am currently working on....I really like the “doing” of these projects and also hopefully seeing positive impact from their creation and  applications.

Have a watch, a listen, or a read. Enjoy...

music - podcast - video - invasive species work -   environmental documentary work


I have been fortunate to do scoring work on two important documentaries:

BBC's "Message in the Waves" and

Maui Invasive Species Committee's "Invasion: little fire ants in Hawai'i"


This film, produced by the Maui Invasive Species Committee, aims to change the result of the arrival of little fire ants in Hawai'i.

Original score producer

From a Hawaiian perspective, BBC Documentary "Message in the Waves" brings the globally interconnected plastic debris epidemic plaguing Earth's ocean to a world-wide audience in a creative and inspiring film.

Music Videos



ska & timelapse

reflective piano to Moloka'i

saxophone surf funk

Abe's Logic is an ongoing solo studio album project with multiple musical personalities;

it's a sort of surfer grunge alternative, to ska, jazz, acoustic, electronic, and/or flat out rock.

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my Favorite podcasts

Here are the night sounds of the Amazon jungle in Peru.


The jungle truly is a symphony of interconnected life.


Studio Music


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