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Genuinely Useful podcast

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Genuinely Useful podcast

a wide-ranging conversational style podcast in Hawai'i produced by host and musician Abe Vandenberg

aiming at truth, rather than victory; embracing the liminal space

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Genuinely Useful podcast

by Abe Vandenberg

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episode: Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution by Don Fitz (author)

Quiet as it's kept inside the United States, the Cuban revolution has achieved some phenomenal goals, reclaiming Cuba's agriculture, advancing its literacy rate to nearly 100 percent - and remaking its medical system. Cuba has transformed its health care to the extent that this "third-world" country has been able to maintain a first-world medical system, whose health indicators surpass those of the United States at a fraction of the cost.

Don Fitz combines his deep knowledge of Cuban history with his decades of on-the-ground experience in Cuba to bring us the story of how Cuba's health care system evolved and how Cuba is tackling the daunting challenges to its revolution in this century.

BOOK: Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution by Don Fitz (author), https://www.amazon.com.au/Cuban-Health-Care-Ongoing-Revolution/dp/1583678611

Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan (Official Audio), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o5cELP06Mik

Invention Secrecy Still Going Strong, https://fas.org/secrecy/2010/10/invention_secrecy_2010/

The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe, https://www.amazon.com/Field-Quest-Secret-Force-Universe/dp/006143518X

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Episode’s Music by Abe Vandenberg -> “Moving Fast” https://abeslogic.bandcamp.com/track/moving-fast-from-episode-31-cuban-health-care-the-ongoing-revolution-don-fitz

All Podcast Music Album HERE https://abeslogic.bandcamp.com/album/genuinely-useful-podcast-episodes-featured-music

THIS EPISODE’s WEBPAGE https://genuinelyuseful.com/podcast-ep31-don-fitz-cuban-health-care-the-ongoing-revolution